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Violin: One of the Guarneri del Gesu model that we like to use is Paganini’s “il Cannone” (the Cannon). The original is in Genoa and is a strong compact shape with very rough woodwork and varnish.

We’ve also done copies of the D’egville and others.

We especially like the work of Stradivari from 1709 to 1718 and make many of our violins using our copy of an the original PG or “Primo Grande” form that still exists in Cremona.

Viola: Gasparo da Salo and Giovanni Paolo Maggini from Brescia circa 1600 made wonderful small and full violas and they are an inspiration.

We have also used Andrea Guarneri’s violas which are similar in size. The lengths range from just 15 7/8th to 16 3/8th inches.

Cello : Stradivari made very large cellos until around 1707 and although these larger cellos like the Servais of 1701 and Castelbarco of 1697 are too big for modern comfort, they have such wonderful lines. We have reduced these early models down in proportion to a likable size with a normal string length resulting in a voluptuous Strad model that is very comfortable.

Francesco Ruggieri, Andrea Guarneri and Hieronymus Amati II were the first Cremonese to make the modern sized cello. We use this broader and shorter (29 1/4 inches) Cremonese based form and work it in various styles.