Many of our instruments have been sold abroad in Japan, France and major cities throughout the United States. We have, however, been selling a large proportion of our violins, violas and celli in the San Francisco Bay Area over the last 20 years and this has given us a good opportunity to get feedback from working musicians. This has enhanced our understanding of players needs concerning volume, tone color and playability and we’ve been able to apply it in our work.

The spruce wood for the top is very important for the sound of most stringed instrument and we are forever buying more.. both fresh and old. (Some day the fresh will be old... if we last long enough). We then start every instrument by rejecting 99.99% of this very extensive wood stock.

Although the model is thought by some as an important predictor of the final sound, we feel that this is less of a factor. The choice of wood, the length of F-hole, degree and type of arching will have far more bearing on the outcome as will the graduations and the varnish and ground. The final set-up and adjustment is also crucial to the end result both for sound and playability. As the instrument matures, future adjustment may be required to keep it in good voice. We always offer these adjustments free of charge. When you’re happy...We’re happy.