We do not bake or chemically treat our wood. We have a big stock of old wood that we’ve been gathering from Italy , Bosnia and the U.S. since 1972. The instruments are finished with a very beautiful varnish that we have formulated using 16th century ingredients and procedures.

Most of the cellos that we have made over the past five years are made with willow or poplar for the backs and sides with pearwood or beechwood scrolls grafted to a maple neck. This wood sounds great and though it is often inclusive of knots and other slight wood anomalies, we think this adds character and class to traditional wood choice.

Pegs: Many of the pegs and tailpieces we use are made for us by Eric Mayer of Portland, Oregon. He is the best in the business and we use his true “Hill” model pegs as well as pegs that we have designed.